Spiritual Links

Spiritual Links

The Spiritual Links page is separate as its contents are intended to be non-denominational, non-sectarian, just spiritual! Also we have let a few major sites slip in which cover all (or many!) different religions, without any particular bias.

We define some spiritual terms so these definitions are attached as a separate page.

General religion and spirituality sites: The About.com Religion & Spirituality site, and in particular The Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance, are very interesting sites.

All Things Spiritual has a wonderful collection of links and other resources.

The Religious Movements site is a huge resource covering a large number of religions and sects. If you haven't found it elsewhere, try here!

Soul Progress is a site offering down to earth and useful guidance about our relationship with God, Self and others. It includes articles, free online classes, a simple meditation practice and various other tools and information to serve people's spiritual growth.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive is a great resource for original texts from many different religions and philosophies. Also available on CD-ROM.

Beliefnet.com is a huge resource covering all aspects of religion and spirituality. It was also nominated as a finalist in the 2001 Webby Awards (Community Category). Talking of which .....

Two other Webby nominees are the World Prayer site which offers prayers and invocations from different sources, and the Council on Spiritual Practices site which aims to develop direct experience of the divine in daily life.

The Essence of Reality - A Clear Awareness of How Life Works - is a very interesting and thought-provoking site.

Another very informative site is this one providing links to the writings of Gopi Krishna regarding Kundalini, higher consciousness and evolution.

Spirituality & Community is a magazine and online community dedicated to spirituality, true happiness, and diversity of belief. Includes free resources, full text of founder’s book, links, and audio clips.

Lotus and Rose encourages you to be open, willing to learn from various spiritual traditions but to walk your own distinctive path. Many articles from various perspectives, book recommendations. Many links to helpful resources. Special encouragement for the seeker.

Awaken your spirit at Spiritual-Short-Stories.com! A unique collection of spiritual short stories that awaken your spirit and remind us of the inner truths within us all.

Atheistdelusion is a site answering "The God Delusion" and other works by atheist Richard Dawkins. This site promotes the resources directly addressing Dawkins and Darwinian Evolution theories.

Psychic test is a great site pertaining to all things of a psychic nature. Take a test and see if you have psychic tendencies, and if not, continue reading as there are tips on how to improve your abilities, as well as other great information.

Healing Art Forms Institute offers multiple forms of energy healing instruction, spiritual healing, holistic healing, holistic health home study courses, and much more.

Returning to New Zealand sites:

Dr Pettitt has developed a forgiveness program - forgiveness of self and forgiveness of others. His site gives details of the process as well as contact information.

The Sea of Faith Network (NZ) is an association of people who have a common interest in exploring religious thought and expression from a non-dogmatic and human-oriented standpoint.

An allied site is the St Andrew's Trust for the Study of Religion and Society, whose aim is to stimulate and inform the general public with new thoughts about religion.

Conscious Partnering, where you can find ideas and information on personal relationships that may inspire you.

Soul Power, Guiding words received through Pamela Frances to aid understanding of both physical and spiritual life purpose, contacting your inner wisdom to empower and enhance your way.

DharmaNet (The Masters Project) is a Site which offers an interactive spiritual forum on the Web.

The Guide2Ascension site offers you a guide through the maze of life and death to the attainment of the Resurrection and the Ascension in this lifetime.

The Bible Guide for the New Age offering the Secret Keys to Eternal Life and Gems of Light hidden throughout the Bible and their interpretation.

Spirits Flight is a site to spiritually inspire you to seek self empowerment. They also offer a monthly "Energies Report" keeping you updated with the rapid changes that are taking place on Planet Earth.

Spiritual Waters website aims to provide a comprehensive source of information about spiritual, natural health and holistic subjects including workshops, centres, practitioners and services based throughout the Bay of Plenty.

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