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Welcome to The NZ Spiritual Directory. Please step in with an open mind. Enjoy. Learn. And when you leave, please take something with you.

We aim to be a useful and up-to-date resource for any person interested in developing http://newonlinepokies.co.nz/ his/her own spirituality, with particular reference to New Zealand. We aim to promote personal knowledge so that we better understand and accept each other's beliefs, however different they are from our own, and we endorse spirituality as a way of life.

There are two search engines at the top right of the page. Pico Search will search any words in this site only, while Google is the best Search Engine http://newonlinecasinos.nz/ we have found for searching the Web at large. Please click on either icon to start your search.

And why not take a look at the book that Alan H Dawe has written: The God Franchise? He also has a blog at www.TheGodFranchise.com.


Our Site Menu remains at the top of the window at all times. Another menu appears against Organisations and Beliefs/Resources, these two sets of pages being a major resource in this Directory.

The Spiritual Links page is separate as its contents are intended to be non-denominational, non-sectarian, just spiritual!

Likewise, the More Resources page covers non-denominational subjects such as Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Spiritual Healing (including our sponsor Life Magic Healing Centre :-) ), etc. It also links to resources such as Retreats, Meditation Centres, Magazines, Music, Courses and Training.

Bookshops, etc and Events provide lists by Area on each of these resources.

And if you cannot find what you are looking for, try the Site Map which gives an overall picture of the Site.


We feel a need to define some terms so these definitions are attached as a separate page.

This site is largely a Directory of Links to other sites, and as such we can take no responsibility for the contents of any particular site. These contents can of course be changed at any time. However, if you feel that any site is offensive to you, please contact us and we will investigate your concern and respond accordingly.

Enjoy and learn!

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  • All Quotes of the Week marked ** behind the author are taken from The Book of Positive Quotations, compiled and arranged by John Cook. Copyright © 1993 by Rubicon Press, Inc. Reprinted by kind permission of Fairview Press. Please see http://www.fairviewpress.org/ for details of this book, and their other publications.
  • All other quotes are displayed without the specific permission of the copyright holder (if any). However, we acknowledge the authors for making these inspirations available to the world. So if you have a favourite quote you would like to see here, please email it to us with the author's name attached, and if you can supply the source, we will pleased to indicate that as well.

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