Spiritual/Psychic Books

Spiritual and Psychic Books

Here are some New Zealand authors who write on matters spiritual and/or psychic. Please support these authors.

We will be adding more authors in due course. Please email us with your own favourite New Zealand authors, so that we can consider them for inclusion.

Richard Webster is the author of over 100 books on Numerology, Chinese Numerology, Feng Shui, Spirit Guides, Astral Travel, Aura Reading, Dowsing, Palmistry, etc, etc. His books have been translated into twenty-nine languages and have sold more than ten million copies around the world. He has also initiated the Richard Webster Popular Fiction Award.

Lindsey Dawson is a writer and speaker on many aspects of personal motivation and spirituality. One of her books is Pearls: Words of Wisdom from the Ocean of Life.

Jenny Crawford is a clairvoyant, psychic and spirit medium, as well as author of Through the Eyes of Spirit. She is dedicated to educating people about death not being the end of our existence.

Barry Brailsford is a philosopher, historian, archaeologist, author and publisher (Stoneprint Press Ltd), a visionary who opens doors into our own journey. He helps us discover the magic of our story and shares ways to walk it each day in the power of enduring wisdom.

Robyn M Speed is a writer of Visionary Fiction, a spiritual counsellor and teacher. She lives in Christchurch. Her first novel is Light of Unity.

Annie Jameson is the author of The Light of Chilao: Messages from Heaven, offering channelled teachings from her Guardian Angel. Annie lives in Hamilton.

Alan H. Dawe is the author of The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything. This book is about God, the universe, and why we are here. It discusses many other important spiritual Truths, while remaining down to earth, logical and easy to read. As Annette Burrell of Christchurch says, “I really admire the way you have brought together so many different beliefs and ideas about creation, God, religions, spirituality, manifestation, universal laws, ways of looking at life and living life. What a work! It is readable, it is personal, it is clear, it invites the reader to consider different aspects of life without disagreeing with them, and it entices the reader to a wider understanding of life. I like the way you have minimised the theory with clear explanations and put in lots of practical examples, and the way you have given summaries to clarify the meaning. I love the idea of my being a God Franchisee.”




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