About The New Zealand Spiritual Directory Site

About this Site

Site Objectives:

  1. To be a useful and up-to-date resource for any person interested in developing his/her own spirituality, with particular reference to New Zealand.

  2. To promote personal knowledge so that we better understand and accept each other's beliefs, however different they are from our own.

  3. To promote spirituality as a way of life.

How do we propose to achieve this?

  1. By providing balanced information about the different religious beliefs in the world.

  2. By looking for similarities rather than differences.

  3. By finding and publicising Web Sites and other resources which discuss and promote spirituality.

  4. By encouraging you to share with others the resources, including this Web Directory, that you have found spiritually helpful.

  5. (Future) By offering a forum for discussion. In the meantime, please contact us by e-mail, as we can put any information to be shared directly into a Web Page.

Editorial Policy:

  1. We reserve the right to remove any link, article, database entry or reference as we see fit.

    Please contact us if you find any particular link, article, database entry or reference on this site offensive. However, we reserve the right to either remove or maintain it at our own discretion.

  2. Our intention is to be fair to all, and we will not publicise any information which we find bigoted or excessively critical of any organisation or belief system. However, we do expect to present both sides of any case, especially with well-reasoned argument or reasonable rhetoric.

  3. Since this site is largely a directory of links to other sites, we can take no responsibility for the contents of any particular site, other than our own one.

  4. All links and references to others are made either with express permission, or where we have deemed this as unnecessary, with the expectation that permission would be granted if we requested it. If we have erred, and you wish a link to your site or other contact details to be removed, please contact us, and we will immediately comply.

  5. While we take every care with entries and links, please be aware that what suits one person can be very wrong for another. Please take personal responsibility when embracing a new set of beliefs or contacting a new spiritual organisation, individual or business. In addition, there are charlatans out there, and no doubt some have crept into these pages - unfortunately we cannot advise you on which ones they are!

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